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SCRAP. An interactive drama series that lets you decide & take control.

SCRAP is an innovative drama series that gives the audience the chance to vote on the plot outcomes of their favourite characters. Paying homage to the “choose your own adventure books” we loved as kids, the SCRAP drama series was developed. Our first series follows the obstacles of characters living together in a share-house and discusses the theme of Family. Become a part of the SCRAP family & interact with us.

#Design #Create #Contribute

Scrap News!! 20/6/2017

Scrap Drama Series news! 5/6/2017


Eighteen and free. For a naive country boy leaving home for the first time, nothing compares to the thoughts of sun, fun, beach, women, and adventures waiting for him on the Sunshine Coast.

This is Jonathan. He’s just moved to the SUNSHINE COAST from the country, ready to start the next phase of his life.  Until he meets his housemates…

ADAM: When a man enters new territory, he either comes in peace or is declaring war.

JONATHAN: Ummm I’m not?!? …What are you doing?

ADAM: Glistening.

JONATHAN: Like in Twilight? ­­­­­­­

Adam’s expression sours quickly.

ADAM: Like a crocodile.

Just like leftovers on a plate, the SCRAP drama series tells a story of a quirky group of people brought together through different circumstances. Living in a share-house, the characters embark on a journey to overcome obstacles in life and the audience controls the characters’ destinies  by voting online.



It’s new, it’s interactive and it’s fun!

Concept owner , Rachel Forsyth says…
“I always loved the “choose your own adventure books” as a kid & later when I was studying drama at University, I feel in love with Augusto Boal’s Forum theatre and how he used “art as a weapon” to challenge people, to make them think. I believe that ART can make people think, feel and move in their seats. This drama will be about current topics that people need to talk about, to stimulate conversation and make a difference”.

In our first series, the topic centres around “FAMILY”, what is a family? and how are the traditional views of family are changing. In the first 6 episodes, you will get to meet & get to know our quirky housemates. You will go on a journey with them.

Our main character Jonathan, has just moved from the country to the big smoke on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. He is a bit of a dork & will need your help to navigate his journey.

In this drama series, You Decide & Take Control, by voting for story choices, our characters need to make.


This is Jonathan. He’s just moved to the SUNSHINE COAST from the country, ready to start the next phase of his life.

Just like leftovers on a plate, we watch the SCRAP drama series unfold through Jonathan eyes. It tells a story of about a diverse group of people brought together through different circumstances, living in a share-house.

Living in a share-house, the characters embark on a journey of self discovery and weave their way through the obstacles of life.

Jonathan’s got a lot of decisions to make and he’s going to need your help.
Or we are going to be here forever!
As a SCRAP viewer you get to get to help navigate Jonathan onto the right path.

So get ready…
As you can: Vote on major decisions, design, create and contribute

If you like our idea then please support our indiegogo campaign here, so we can raise the funds to produce our show. Thankyou!–2/x/3473298#/




Our hero Jonathan is naive country boy, moving out of home for the first time. He lands himself a place studying economics at University on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, with the idea in mind that he can get a degree and then come home to take over the family farm.

Idealistic and good natured, Jonathan isn’t well equipped to deal with the daunting changes that are bestowed upon him as he moves into a share-house. He is prone to daydreams and often imagines the ideal situation before the reality unfolds. Often leading to awkward encounters and situations, Jonathan does his best to navigate a world he’s not entirely equipped to handle.

Its up to you, the viewer, to help him decide and take control.


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Sunshine Coast Council

Queensland Government

This project was supported by RADF.

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.


“SUNNY COAST PRODUCTIONS” are a collective of group of people whose vision is to invigorate the Sunshine Coast’s film and television industry and to create innovative ways for arts and businesses to work together. SCRAP, the drama series, will promote our region, whilst sustaining and growing the creative culture on the Sunshine Coast.

Our mission is to encourage investors and film and television industry professionals, associated creatives and businesses to connect and collaborate to produce a high quality sustainable ongoing drama series, showcasing the Sunshine Coast, its creative talent and business community.