It’s new, it’s interactive and it’s fun!

Concept owner , Rachel Forsyth says…
“I always loved the “choose your own adventure books” as a kid & later when I was studying drama at University, I feel in love with Augusto Boal’s Forum theatre and how he used “art as a weapon” to challenge people, to make them think. I believe that ART can make people think, feel and move in their seats. This drama will be about current topics that people need to talk about, to stimulate conversation and make a difference”.

In our first series, the topic centres around “FAMILY”, what is a family? and how are the traditional views of family are changing. In the first 6 episodes, you will get to meet & get to know our quirky housemates. You will go on a journey with them.

Our main character Jonathan, has just moved from the country to the big smoke on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. He is a bit of a dork & will need your help to navigate his journey.

In this drama series, You Decide & Take Control, by voting for story choices, our characters need to make.