Eighteen and free. For a naive country boy leaving home for the first time, nothing compares to the thoughts of sun, fun, beach, women, and adventures waiting for him on the Sunshine Coast.

This is Jonathan. He’s just moved to the SUNSHINE COAST from the country, ready to start the next phase of his life.  Until he meets his housemates…

ADAM: When a man enters new territory, he either comes in peace or is declaring war.

JONATHAN: Ummm I’m not?!? …What are you doing?

ADAM: Glistening.

JONATHAN: Like in Twilight? ­­­­­­­

Adam’s expression sours quickly.

ADAM: Like a crocodile.

Just like leftovers on a plate, the SCRAP drama series tells a story of a quirky group of people brought together through different circumstances. Living in a share-house, the characters embark on a journey to overcome obstacles in life and the audience controls the characters’ destinies  by voting online.