This is Jonathan. He’s just moved to the SUNSHINE COAST from the country, ready to start the next phase of his life.

Just like leftovers on a plate, we watch the SCRAP drama series unfold through Jonathan eyes. It tells a story of about a diverse group of people brought together through different circumstances, living in a share-house.

Living in a share-house, the characters embark on a journey of self discovery and weave their way through the obstacles of life.

Jonathan’s got a lot of decisions to make and he’s going to need your help.
Or we are going to be here forever!
As a SCRAP viewer you get to get to help navigate Jonathan onto the right path.

So get ready…
As you can: Vote on major decisions, design, create and contribute

If you like our idea then please support our indiegogo campaign here, so we can raise the funds to produce our show. Thankyou!–2/x/3473298#/